Together towards Success.

Cvitan Gavran: Visionary at RABE-ERO GmbH

Cvitan Gavran is the founder and CEO of RABE-ERO GmbH, a leading expert in turnkey construction. With a deep family background in the construction industry, he established the company in 2018.

His vision is to establish RABE-ERO as a leading digital construction company that sets standards in the industry. Cvitan Gavran actively drives the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), artificial intelligence, and drones to maximize the efficiency, quality, and sustainability of construction projects. He places particular emphasis on seamlessly integrating these technologies across all areas of the company, from planning to execution.

Cvitan Gavran promotes a culture of innovation and personal development within the company to establish RABE-ERO as an attractive employer. His pragmatic leadership style and commitment to quality and innovation ensure the company’s future sustainability and position it as a pioneer in the construction industry.

Diversity and collaboration.

Diversity within our team stands as one of our greatest strengths at RABE-ERO. Varied backgrounds and disciplines enrich our work and foster innovative solutions. We firmly believe that the best results emerge from an open and cooperative approach. Therefore, we highly value respectful and constructive exchanges of ideas and experiences. This culture of collaboration enables us to continually grow and achieve new heights together.
Together, we shape the future of RABE-ERO – with heart, passion, and professionalism.