We understand,
we plan.
We build it!

We understand,
we plan.
We build it!

Modern construction, rooted in tradition.

From our headquarters in Berlin, we manage our construction projects — across Europe.

We are a construction company with an impressive history and tradition in the construction industry. Founded in 2018 in Berlin, we build on a long family tradition and extensive expertise in construction.

Quality work through focus on our customers.

RABE-ERO GmbH has earned an excellent reputation through its high-quality work and customer orientation. The combination of traditional know-how and state-of-the-art technology ensures that all construction projects meet the highest standards. The company places great importance on customer satisfaction and offers comprehensive services that cover all aspects of construction. 


Discover the future of the construction industry with RABE-ERO IMPULSE, our groundbreaking support program.

At RABE-ERO, we place great importance on the training of highly qualified professionals, which is why we launched this program. Learn more about how we put our commitment into action and what steps we take to promote the professionals of tomorrow.

The RABE-ERO IMPULSE support program is designed to finance scholarships for civil engineers in Croatia. Given the ongoing shortage of skilled professionals in engineering, we have taken early measures to counteract this problem.

Our strategy includes promoting young talent in both Croatia and Germany. In Berlin, we focus on dual study programs and integration support for students from abroad. We organize German courses, provide housing, and assist with administrative procedures and legal questions.

Through these measures, we aim to ensure that well-trained professionals are available for the construction industry in both Croatia and Germany. Expanding to Croatia is an important step for us, and the availability of qualified professionals in the country is a significant component of our expansion strategy.


Rabe-Ero GmbH
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